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    I struggled with Arthritis related pains for over two decades and really tried everything out there. I was at a point in my life where I just accepted to live with the pain. My Hand Massager has brought the change I was seeking and after 3 Months I still use it every day. I'm finally able to write again which means the world...

    I really LOVE My Hand Massager. After using it for 5 weeks now I can confidently say this machine works! My hands feel amazing. The numbness is gone. I struggled with a lot of swelling in my joints and this got a lot better too. Exceeded my expectations

    The therapy methods used by My Hand Massager are already widely used in today's medical treatments. That's exactly these technologies are now available for at home, self-treatment will impact the effectiveness of at home therapy, and there is no doubt about it... 

    Air-Compression and Heat-Therapy are the most effective treatments available against degenerative joint disease, or chronical pain...

    I often recommend My Hand Massager to my own patients. When it comes to cost-effective, at-home therapy there is nothing like this device...

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